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Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Do you want to Learn Quran Online by a qualified and affordable teacher?

Memorizing the holy Quran is a great blessing from Allah SWT, this course is Especially organized for those who are interested in memorization of the Holy Quran either memorizing all of it or some selected Surahs,

Quran Memorization Level 1:

In this level, you will memorize selected Surahs, for example, Surah Yaasin, Al-Mulk, Ar-Rahmaan, Al-Waqi’ah, Juz amma (30th).
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Quran Memorization Level 2:

In this level, you can memorize complete holy Quran with tajweed in sha Allah and you’re going to have the ability to recite holy Quran like an expert Qari of Quran.
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How does online Quran Memorization work?

Every session is divided into three parts:

1st part consists of a new lesson, in which you will practice your lesson with your teacher and try to memorize by repeating after him many times

The 2nd part is about the previous lessons of the same juz, you will recite and your teacher will listen to you.

3rd part: in that part, you recite any juz of the Quran that you already had memorized before with your teacher.
For full demonstration, you can take free trial classes (No credit card needed).