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Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Do you want to Learn Quran Online by a qualified and affordable teacher?

1. Learning a new language can be trick thing sometime. Specially when are planning to learn Arabic.
Why Arabic is tricky?
A.) No, it isn’t. But thy way you pronounce Arabic letters, Does get hard.

2. Arabic is a sensitive language. Suppose when you’re reading Quran and you incorrectly pronounce a letter. What will happen?
A.)Yes, the meaning of the holy Quran will change, basically, you are reciting something that is not Quran and you’re not getting any rewards.

3. Scary, right?
A.) Well, Learning Quran reading is easy when you learn it the way it works.

4. Some brothers and sister learn Quran reading with an app or on their own, which is a little helpful.
A.) Of course with the help of an app or by yourself you can learn some of it. But who knows if you are reading right or wrong?
There are many chances that you’re reading Quran wrong because you haven’t read it to any shaykh or teacher yet. Who can tell you your mistakes.

Alhamdulillah, We offer online Quran classes for kids and adults where you can learn Quran reading with tajweed easy and Quick with the help of live private Quran tutors.

We are experts at Quran teaching and have been teaching since 2009, with our effective techniques our students become able to read Quran online with tajweed in a short period.

Our methods are different than the traditional way of teaching which turned to be boring for kids and many times of elders. We motivate our students to learn Quran and enjoy it.

Learn Tajweed Rules:

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Alhamdulillah every single student who wants to learn Quran online, we offer tajweed course which is taking place one on one and it’s open to brothers and sisters.

First week’s lessons are completely free, so anyone can come inshaallah join these classes.

we also provide notes and books for all the students which are completely free also.

Reading the Qur’an with the Tajweed is fardh / obligatory upon every single person, why? because you could be reciting the quran

when you offer salah, you’re reciting the Quran when you do a Dhiker, you recite the Quran when you open the Quran itself.

You could be is reading one thing according to you and if you’re not pronouncing the words properly you could be changing the whole meaning of the Quran.

we have a certain period where we teach the practical tajweed, then after that, we will concentrate on the recitation.

This course is for complete beginners if you’ve never recited Quran before you never studied Tajweed before, this course is for you insha’Allah.

Now you can get registered and learn tajweed online right from the beginning inshallah.

How Do We Help You with Your Pronunciation?

This “Learn Quran Reading with Tajweed” course is being offered online via Skype or “Zoom”, depends on what software you want to use.

At the beginning of this course you will learn the Arabic alphabets and then Harakat/vowels, and also other necessary things that we need to know for Quran reading purpose.

When you get familiar with the basic terms then you step forward to learning Quran word by word. Learning Quran reading that way makes it easy for beginner kids and adults both.

We basically use divide and conquer method at the beginning, we don’t make you rush it. It is also important to keep that in your mind that being hurry in learning will not help you, be patient and consistent with the Quran learning.

In this course, we also teach Tajweed rules for beginners. Tajweed comes first when you want to read Quran correctly.

That’s a very basic course designed for the students, who don’t know how to read the holy Quran, and want to take the first step into learning “how to read the holy Quran”.

Online Quran reading classes are more effective and powerful, you will be able to pronounce Arabic letters correctly, and will be able to make a difference between short and long vowels, etc.

Our online Quran reading classes also include memorization of short surahs, Salah lesson, Supplications from Sunnah of the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam.

our sophisticated teachers teach the etiquettes and manners of reading and handling the Qur’an to your kids and also teach them how to pray salah (namaz) by showing them.

Online quran reading courses are fully customizable as per your requirements.

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It is reported in Sahih Bukhari:

Hadhrat ‘Uthman bin affaan (RA) narrated from the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) that He (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: The best amongst you is the one who learns the Holy Quran and teaches it. (Hadith No. 5027)

This hadith defines standard of being best in sight of Allah swt, for being best you don’t have to earn lots of money or do something adventurous and really hard, just learn the Quran and if you’ve learned it and you can read it in a good and correct way then teach it and be the best person in the world, the blessings are not just for Dunya, you’re also gonna enjoy them in hereafter and in grave as well.

There’s a hadith in sahih Muslim:

“Read the Holy Qur’an, On the Day of judgment, it will come as an intercessor for its reciters.”
Have some savings for your next world, Read it and be successful in both worlds.

So, what are you waiting for?
Just join our online Quran reading classes and start learning the holy Quran.